Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021

ENL 307 African Literature(RLA)

(Also AAD 307). 4 hours; 4 credits. An introduction to sub-Saharan African literature exploring a variety of regions, authors, genres, and literary traditions. Texts will be discussed in relation to their aesthetic, cultural, historical, and philosophical context, and may include indigenous, anglophone, francophone, and lusophone literatures. Texts not originally in English will be read in English translation. Topics may include: influence of precolonial oral traditions; effect of colonialism and anticolonial struggles; gender and sexuality; social and cultural movements in the twentieth century, e.g. négritude and Pan-Africanism. For English majors and minors, this is designated as a literature, women, American minorities, writers in Asia (including the Middle East), Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean, world literature, and genre course. Prerequistie: An ENH-200 level course or ENL 290.



Cross Listed Courses

AAD 307