Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021

ANT 306 Latinas/os in the United States(P&D)(CO)

4 hours. An examination of the sociological and anthropological literature on Latinas/os in the United States. The main goal is to acquaint students with the most important economic, political, and social aspects that contemporary Latino communities are experiencing. Using ethnographies, the course will focus on community formation, social movements, race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality issues, immigration, and transnationalism. Class discussions will also address differences based on national origin, class, and generation. This is a reading and writing intensive course in which students are expected to conduct primary research. Prerequisites: ANT 201 and (SOC 200 or SOC 201 or SOC 240 or SOC 260).



Cross Listed Courses

AMS 306/SOC 306


Social Science and Pluralism & Diversity