Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021

AAD 264 The African Diaspora(CO)(P&D)

4 hours. A survey of the historical connections of the African diaspora from pre-transatlantic slave trade to post-colonial movements. This couse examines the political and soci-economic institutions and interactions between Africans before and during the transatlantic slave trade, the reasons why Africans were enslaved, the inland and middle passages, the impact of the trade on African societies, African communities in the Diaspora, the end of the trade and the beginning of European colonial rule in Africa, as well as the legacies of both the transatlantic slave trade and colonialism in post-colonial Africa.  For History majors and minors, this is designated as a world history course.  For African and African Diaspora Studies majors and minors, this is designated as an Africa course. 



Cross Listed Courses

HST 264


ENG 111


(social science) (p&d)