Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021

After Acceptance to the College of Staten Island

After Acceptance to the College of Staten Island

Please visit the New Student Information Guide for detailed information. The Guide will lead you through the enrollment process, saving you time and enhancing your registration experience.

Generally, the enrollment process will include:

  • Payment of a commitment deposit
  • Submission of immunization and medical records
  • Academic advisement, and registration
    • Attend CSI Advisement and Registration Training (CART) Session. (freshman only)
    • Meet with a Transfer Registration and Advisement Communication (TRAC) team member in the Center for Advising and Academic Success for advisement and registration. (transfers only) 
  • New Student Orientation (NSO)
  • Paying your bill

Other related services and possible enrollment steps include:

  • Applying for financial aid (All students are strongly encouraged to file)
  • Enrollment in free immersion programs (workshops) for students who need to demonstrate proficiency in English or Mathematics.

Conditional Admissions/Remediation Policy for Non-Exempt Students

The outcomes of the proficiency index may impact your admission status and enrollment at the college.  An index greater than or equal to 60 in math, and greater than or equal to 65 in English will allow you to continue into credit-bearing courses. If the index is lower you will be guided to the appropriate level of developmental intervention. Please be aware of the following enrollment requirements:

All students who have

  • Deep developmental need in mathematics (score of 49 or below on the math index) must complete CSI's free July Math Immersion or Math Start program prior to enrolling at the College
  • Deep developmental need in English (score of 47 or below on the English index) and mathematics (score of 49 or below on the math index) must enroll in and complete at least one semester of the CUNY Start** program and achieve proficiency in either English or math in order to enroll at the College. 

In addition to the above policies, all student admitted for a Spring Semester who have

  • Deep developmental need in mathematics (score of 49 or below on the math index) must enroll and complete the basic math course in Winter Immersion.  If they do not complete it, or choose not to enroll in immersion, they must enroll in Math Start and cannot enroll at the College.

**The CUNY Start program is a rigorous, intensive instruction in academic English and mathematics which prepares college-bound students to meet CUNY basic skills proficiency in English and mathematics.  CUNY Start is designed to help incoming college students minimize time in remedial course work and save financial aid for credit courses. At a low cost of $75 for the semester, the cost includes books and college success advisement in planning, choosing a career path and paying for college. Full-time CUNY Start students take both English and mathematics courses, as well as College Success Advisement. Part-time CUNY Start students take Pre-College Math plus College Success Advisement.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Students

If you qualify as an ESL student (including qualifying international students) you are exempt from the policies listed above. ESL students will be required to complete special English courses for non-native speakers of English. When possible, ESL students are encouraged to enroll in the CUNY Language Immersion Program (CLIP). Students with F1 student visa status (international students) cannot enroll in CLIP.