Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2021

Academic Requirements for Admission to Bachelor’s Degree Programs (Four-Year)

Freshman Admission to Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Admission into a baccalaureate program is based on an examination of an applicant’s entire high school/secondary school academic record, which includes: academic units, grades/grade trends, and standardized test scores (SAT, ACT and NY State Regents). To be admitted into a four-year program, you must demonstrate proficiency in English (reading and writing) and mathematics.
Applicants who are not admitted to a bachelor's degree program may be eligible for admission to an associate degree program at the College.


Transfer Students Admission to Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Students are encouraged to continue in bachelor’s degree programs from associate’s degree programs at CSI, and they may also transfer from other colleges and universities into bachelor’s degree programs. Students must have demonstrated proficiency in English (reading and writing) and mathematics prior to enrolling in a bachelor’s degree program. Final degree credit for transfer work depends on grades earned and College and departmental requirements. With some exceptions, a course with a grade of C or higher may be transferred. In the case of transfers from CUNY colleges, D grades are usually acceptable. Transfer credits carry a grade of Pass (P) on the CSI transcript. Current CUNY students can use the DegreeWorks Transfer What-If or “Evaluate my Transfer Credit” on their CUNYfirst Student Center to see equivalency information for academic courses completed at other CUNY schools.  Non-CUNY students can use our database of previously transferred courses to estimate equivalency for courses complete at other institutions.