Graduate Catalog 2020-2021

Environmental Science (MS)

Program Coordinator: 

Professor Alfred Levine

Building 6S, Room 308A

Telephone: 718.982.3920


The program is designed to provide broad interdisciplinary training in those areas of the biological, engineering, physical, chemical, and social sciences that are important in solving environmental problems. Graduates are prepared for careers in both governmental agencies and private companies working on such problems as pollution control, environmental impact, and urban planning, and for careers in environmental education. Students can use this degree to prepare for a PhD in this field either at CUNY or any other institution of their choice. The College has extensive modern laboratories and computer facilities that support this program.

Environmental Science Admission Requirements

  1. An acceptable bachelor’s degree from an institution whose degree requirements are substantially equivalent to those of the College of Staten Island or other senior units of The City University of New York. Ordinarily, this would be a bachelor’s degree in a natural science or in engineering.
  2. An overall average of B minus, or the equivalent, in undergraduate work and an average of B, or the equivalent, in undergraduate science and engineering courses. The undergraduate credits must include at least one year each of general chemistry and general physics, mathematics through differential and integral calculus, and at least one semester of ecology. Candidates who are deficient in one or more of these requirements may be accepted on the expectation that they will make up the deficiency without receiving graduate credit for it.
  3. An interview with faculty of the graduate program.
  4. The applicant is ordinarily required to submit the results of the General Aptitude Test of the Graduate Record Examination. Applicants should apply directly to the Educational Testing Service, Box 955, Princeton, NJ 08540, to take the tests. Applicants should take these examinations no later than February for fall admission and July for spring admission.

Environmental Science Degree Requirements

Thirty credits in approved courses with an average of at least 3.0 (B). The courses normally include The Biosphere and Our Species, Community Ecology, Earth Science, Applied Environmental Science, one course from an approved list of graduate courses in the social sciences, and a thesis project for a minimum of three to a maximum of six credits. The remaining 12 credits are chosen so that the concentration will be in either environmental biology or applied environmental science. Courses may be chosen from environmental science and social science courses at the College or from appropriate courses offered in graduate programs in The City University Graduate School and University Center.