Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020

Scholarships and Awards

Scholarship Committee

Director, Caryl Watkins

Career and Scholarship Center

Building 1A, Room 105


Website: www.csi.cuny.edu/career

The scholarship program at the College of Staten Island recognizes academic excellence and college or community service. In addition to scholarships offered directly by the College, the CSI Foundation, and departments and associations of the College, memorial scholarships have been endowed through the generosity of many individuals and organizations who value higher education. Scholarships support, in varying ways, the education of the men and women of our community.

Eligibility: General Standards

Scholarship awards generally require a minimum grade point average of 3.5. College and/or community service is also generally required. Financial need is required only when indicated. Scholarships are awarded to students enrolled for 12 or more credits at all levels of study—first-year students, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Some scholarships may be available for part-time undergraduate and graduate students.


  • Registered for at least 12 credits (matriculated), with the exception of a few specialized scholarships for part-time and graduate students.
  • Academic excellence (GPA 3.25 or above).
  • School and/or community service.
  • Incoming students: high school average of 95% or above.

Relationship to Financial Aid

In most instances, scholarship awards do not affect TAP awards. New York State TAP regulations require that tuition-based scholarships be used as a resource in determining eligibility for a TAP award. Because most of the awards offered by CSI are not designated as tuition scholarships, they will have no effect on TAP awards. Only awards specifically designated as tuition awards, such as the Williamson Scholarship, affect eligibility for TAP. Students who wish additional information on the relationship between these awards and financial aid should contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.

How to Apply

Scholarship applicants must be current students at the College of Staten Island or must have applied for admission. Application forms and information about scholarships are available online or from the Career and Scholarship Center and academic departments and student services offices. In the high schools, application forms are available from the College Advisor. The scholarship application can also be found online by visiting www.csi.cuny.edu/career and clicking on the Scholarships and Awards option in the left tool bar.

Notification to Recipients

Applicants are notified by the Scholarship Committee. An awards ceremony and reception is held every year for scholars and their family and friends.

Other Awards

Study Abroad: Scholarships and awards for study abroad are available through the Center for International Service. CSI students are also eligible for Study/Travel Opportunities for CUNY Students grants, a CUNY program promoting short-term (summer or January inter-session) study abroad, and for scholarships offered by the College Consortium for International Studies. Information is available from the Center for International Service.

Graduate Students: Assistance is available in the form of financial aid and assistantships to selected students in Master’s degree programs in Adult Health-Gerontological Nursing, Biology, Cinema and Media Studies, Computer Science, Education, English, Environmental Science, History, Liberal Studies, and Physical Therapy. Graduate fellowships and assistantships are available to qualified students enrolled in doctoral programs offered in conjunction with the Graduate School. See the department chairperson or the graduate program coordinator for further information.

Commencement Awards: Awards and prizes have been established by the faculty to recognize the exceptional achievements of graduating students. Information on Commencement awards is available from the Office of the Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services and from department chairpersons.