Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020

Department of Educational Studies

Building 3S

Ruth Powers Silverberg, Chairperson and Associate Professor

Professors: Igor Arievitch, Susan Sullivan, Eleni (Nelly) Tournaki. Associate Professors: Kenneth Gold, David Kritt, Ruth Powers Silverberg, Bethany Rogers, Gregory Seals, Vivian Shulman, Nelly Tournaki. Assistant: Gene Fellner, Christopher Hale, Fumio Someki. Higher Education Associate: Deirdre Armitage, El Samuels, Kristin Wilson. Higher Education Assistant: Diane Brescia.

The department provides initial preparation and undergraduate programs for teaching at the Early Childhood level and in elementary and secondary schools; graduate programs in Childhood Education, Adolescence Education, Special Education; and a Post-Master’s Advanced Certificate for Leadership in Education.