Undergraduate Catalog 2019-2020

Student Government

The College of Staten Island Student Government is composed of 20 representatives (senators) elected by the student body each spring semester. Organized into commissions with a specific mandate (e.g., Academic and Curricular Affairs; Clubs; Elections; Finance; Part-time, Evening, and Weekend Students; Student Center; and Student Services), the Student Government represents student interests to the administration and faculty of the College and serves as an advocate for student services. Through its commissions, the Student Government charters and funds all student clubs and associations, administers student elections, allocates a designated portion of the Student Activity Fee, advocates for the special needs of students, and advises the College on the utilization of Campus Center space to serve students in their co-curricular activities. Student Government senators serve on planning and decision making committees with faculty and members of the CSI administration. The telephone number is 718.982.3082.