Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Pathways General Education Requirements

The new general education model adopted by the CUNY Board of Trustees is implemented through a process known as Pathways. This process defines 30 credits of a Common Core general education requirement for all students at CSI and gives some parameters for up to 12 additional credits of general education requirements known as the College Option. Pathways also aligns gateway courses for a number of popular majors. Details about Pathways are available at www.cuny.edu/academics/initiatives/degreepathways.html

Common Core Structure:

I. Required Core: 12 credits

  1. 6 credits of “English Composition” (RECR)
  2. 3 (or more) credits of “Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning” (RMQR)
  3. 3 (or more) credits of “Life and Physical Sciences” (RLPR)

II. Flexible Core: 18 credits

Students must take six three-credit liberal arts and sciences courses, with at least one course from each of the following five areas and no more than two courses in any discipline or interdisciplinary field. The five areas are:

  1. World Cultures and Global Issues (FWGR)
  2. U.S. Experience in its Diversity (FUSR)
  3. Creative Expression (FCER)
  4. Individual and Society (FISR)
  5. Scientific World (FSWR)

III. The College Option : 12 credits

The “College Option” allows a Baccalaureate-granting institution, such as the College of Staten Island, to require up to an additional 12 credits for general education. For transfer students, this requirement can be reduced to 6 or 9 credits. For some students in majors that are accredited by outside agencies these credits may not be required.

Specifics of the Pathways Framework at the College of Staten Island:

The guiding principle of the College of Staten Island's Pathways Framework is to retain the current CSI general education program with as little loss and disruption as possible. Specifically, the General Education Committee believes that BS programs (excepting the BS in Art, Business with International Business concentration, Communications, Dramatic Arts, Music, and Social Work), which do not currently include a language requirement, should not be obliged to add a new component to the existing general education provisions.

For Macaulay Honors College, Business (AAS), Computer Technology (AAS), Electrical Engineering Technology (AAS), and the Nursing (AAS) program please refer to the specific section of the Catalog addressing the Pathways General Education requirements for these programs.

The Computer Science (BS) program, the Engineering Science (AS) program, the Engineering Science (BS) program, the Electrical Engineering (BS) program, the Medical Technology (BS) program, the Nursing (BS), and the Physics (7-12) (BS) program have received waivers from CUNY to specify particular courses students must take in STEM areas of the Common Core, Flexible Core and/or the College Option. If students take different courses other than those specified in these areas, they will be certified as having completed the Pathways General Education areas, but it may not be possible for them to finish their degree program within the regular number of credits. Please refer to the specific section of the Catalog addressing the Pathways General Education requirements for these programs.