Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

New Student Orientation Requirement

Students who enter the College with fewer than six credits are required to complete the orientation requirement. Students are expected to complete this requirement during their first semester or prior to the completion of 12 equated credits.

To satisfy the requirement, students may choose between two options:

(A) Successful completion of a one-credit freshman orientation course:

SPD 101Issues in College Life(RNL)



SKO 100Freshman Orientation(RNL)


SKO 100: open only to SEEK students


(B) Complete the five components of the non-credit College Life Unit Experiences (CLUE) program, which include:

Attendance at a general orientation session on such topics as the purposes of higher education, an overview of College policies and services, and an appreciation of diversity. Students should attend the orientation session prior to the beginning of classes.


(C) Attendance at four CLUE-certified events: two Personal Growth Experiences and two Co-curricular Experiences.

Personal Growth topics include study skills, career development, self-development, substance abuse, and pluralism. Co-curricular Experiences include events offered in conjunction with the scholarly, cultural, and civic programs presented regularly at the College.