Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Other Awards

Study Abroad: Scholarships and awards for study abroad are available through the Center for International Service. CSI students are also eligible for Study/Travel Opportunities for CUNY Students grants, a CUNY program promoting short-term (summer or January inter-session) study abroad, and for scholarships offered by the College Consortium for International Studies. Information is available from the Center for International Service.

Graduate Students: Assistance is available in the form of financial aid and assistantships to selected students in Master’s degree programs in Adult Health-Gerontological Nursing, Biology, Cinema and Media Studies, Computer Science, Education, English, Environmental Science, History, Liberal Studies, and Physical Therapy. Graduate fellowships and assistantships are available to qualified students enrolled in doctoral programs offered in conjunction with the Graduate School. See the department chairperson or the graduate program coordinator for further information.

Commencement Awards: Awards and prizes have been established by the faculty to recognize the exceptional achievements of graduating students. Information on Commencement awards is available from the Office of the Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services and from department chairpersons.