Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Special Categories of Registration

Permit/Visiting Students

Permit students from within The City University must submit a valid CUNY permit through the ePERMIT system from their home college to the CSI Registrar’s Office prior to registration. Visiting students from outside The City University must submit the Visiting Student Application available online on the Registrar's website along with documentation from their home schools that they have permission to enroll at CSI.

Undergraduate first-year students in Macaulay, and CUNY BA programs can take e-permit courses in their first semester, and throughout their college careers; other undergraduate students can start taking e-permit courses in their second semester and can continue thereafter. First semester transfer students may also take a course on ePermit, with eligibility based on the previous college GPA.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens, 60 years and older, may be permitted to enroll in undergraduate courses as non-matriculated students, on a space-available basis, without tuition and fees, provided they do so on an audit basis. Senior citizens enrolling as auditors are charged an administrative fee and a Consolidated Service Fee for the semester as indicated in the Fee Schedule.

A senior citizen may enroll in courses for credit but cannot be enrolled in the same semester for courses on both an audit basis (no tuition) and a credit or degree basis (tuition charged).