Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Spanish (7-12) (BA)

1. Track One: Spanish:

Pre-Major Requirements: 16 credits

Four semesters of college-level language study (SPN 112, SPN 114, SPN 213, SPN 215) or (SPN 113, SPN 114, SPN 213, SPN 215) or the equivalent (SPN 120, SPN 220, SPN 215). Students who enter the College with ability in Spanish take a placement examination to determine the level at which they should begin language study. These courses may also be used to satisfy general education requirements.

Major Requirements: 36 credits

Students majoring in Spanish must complete the following requirements:

An advanced communication skills course (4 credits)

SPN 313Advanced Communication Skills(RLA)


A Spanish Society and Literature course (4 credits)

SPN 339Spanish Society and Literature through 1700(RLA)


SPN 341Spanish Society and Literature from 1700 to the Present(RLA)


A Spanish-American Society and Literature course (4 credits)

SPN 342Spanish American Society and Literature through Modernism(RLA)


SPN 343Spanish American Society and Literature from Modernism to the 21st Century(RLA)


An additional 24 credits of courses chosen from

300- or 400-level Spanish courses


2. Track Two: Preparation for Teaching Spanish (Grades 7-12)

In addition to the requirements for the Spanish major, students wishing to be recommended by the College for teacher certification must complete the following sequence of education courses (24 credits). For admission and continuation in the adolescence education sequence and all adolescence education courses students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0.

Required Courses

EDS 201Social Foundations of Secondary Education(RLA)


EDS 202Psychological Foundations of Secondary Education(RLA)


EDS 305The Pedagogy of Secondary School in Foreign Language(RNL)


EDS 319The Secondary School Curriculum in Foreign Language(RNL)


EDS 400Student Teaching in Secondary Education(RNL)


EDS 401Reflection and Analysis in Student Teaching in Secondary Education(RNL)


Electives: 2-36 credits

Total Credits Required: 120

Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirement

Most education courses are non-liberal arts and sciences.