Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

School of Education

Kenneth M. Gold, PhD

Dean of the School of Education

Building 3S, Room 208

Phone: 718.982.3720

Teaching is a vital profession, perhaps now more than ever.To do it well requires passion and dedication but also a fundamental understanding of children and learning, proficiency in a variety of pedagogies, the ability to formulate a sound plan, and the wisdom to know when to deviate from it. To do it well rewards you with deep relationships with children and adolescents and psychic pleasure in watching them learn and grow under your tutelage. To do it well in the 21st century results in opportunities for many students that they would not otherwise have. The School of Education is committed to following these principles as it enhances its academic offerings and co-curricular opportunities in ways that meet the needs of students, schools and communities.

The School of Education includes the following departments: Curriculum and Instruction, and Education Studies.