Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Science, Letters, and Society

(Bachelor of Arts)

Interdisciplinary Program

Science, Letters, and Society Office, Building 3S, Room 209

Director, Professor Francisco Soto

Liaison with the School of Education, Dr. Margaret E. Bérci, Building (3S), Room 105b

The major in Science, Letters, and Society (SLS) is designed for students seeking an overview of the liberal arts and sciences rather than a specialization in a single discipline. It undertakes to present a unified view of the modern intellectual enterprise. Consequently, the program requires a balanced sequence of broadly conceived upper-level courses in the humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and science. The development of high levels of competence in reading and writing is particularly emphasized. For admission to and continuation in the major of Science, Letters, and Society, a minimum GPA of 3.0 is required.

SLS is the major ordinarily required of students seeking certification in early childhood and childhood education. These students receive academic advisement from both the coordinator of SLS and an advisor from the appropriate program in the School of Education. Issues relating to substitution of another liberal arts and sciences major for the SLS major must be referred to the SLS-Education Undergraduate Admissions and Standing Committee; students seeking to pursue a major other than SLS should write to the Committee, care of the Dean, School of Education, Building 3S, Room 208.

Science, Letters, and Society Courses