Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Liberal Arts and Sciences (AA)

The Liberal Arts and Sciences Associate in Arts degree is the transfer degree for all students, other than those in the sciences, mathematics, or computer science, who plan to matriculate in a four-year bachelor’s degree program. The AA degree allows considerable flexibility: it enables students to survey areas of academic interest, to concentrate in a particular area, to begin work on a major in the sophomore year, and to combine career courses with the study of the liberal arts and sciences. Graduates may continue study toward a bachelor’s degree at the College in one of many major fields of study.

Pathways Required Core: 12 credits

English Composition (RECR) (6 credits)

Mathematical And Quantitative Reasoning (RMQR) (3 or more credits )

Life and Physical Sciences (RLPR) (3 or more credits)

Pathways Flexible Core: 18 credits

Select 6 courses from the following five areas with no more than two courses from any discipline or interdisciplinary field. The five areas of the Flexible Core are:

1. World Cultures and Global Issues (FWGR)

2. U.S. Experience in its Diversity (FUSR)

Students are required to take the following course:

COR 100United States: Issues, Ideas, and Institutions(US)


3. Creative Expression (FCER)

4. Individual and Society (FISR)

5. Scientific World (FSWR)

Electives: 30 credits

The remaining courses should be chosen in consultation with an advisor. Students interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree should consult with advisors in the discipline in which they plan to major and may begin working in their majors while completing the requirements for the associate’s degree.

Total Credits Required: 60