Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

African and African Diaspora Studies

(Bachelor of Arts, Minor)

Interdisciplinary Program, Marchi Hall (2N), Room 210

Director: Associate Professor Emmanuel Mbah

The African and African Diaspora Studies program offers a baccalaureate degree and a minor.  The program employs methods used in many academic disciplines to examine the following: the interplay of culture, history, socioeconomic and political forces shaping the experiences of the people of sub-Saharan Africa and their descendants (diaspora) in different parts of the world; the roles that Africans and their descendants have played in the creation of the United States and other New World projects; Africa's history relationship with the Mediterranean and Atlantic Worlds; and the ideas and experiences of race in the United States and the world and how they change over time and space. Coursework includes the study of history, literature, sociology, religion, geography, politics, and the arts. 

African and African Diaspora Studies Courses