Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

College-level Mathematics Courses

The College offers several introductory mathematics courses, meeting a variety of student interests and needs.

  1. Standard Calculus sequence: the College offers a standard sequence in single and multivariable calculus: MTH 230 or MTH 231 (with MTH 229), MTH 232, and MTH 233 for students in Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering Sciences, and Mathematics, and students who wish to take more advanced courses in mathematics. It is recommended for students considering graduate work in any field requiring advanced mathematics including business and economics. Students should take MTH 123 and MTH 130 to prepare for this sequence (see also the section on Placement above).
  2. Business Calculus sequence: for students in Accounting, Business, or Economics majors who are not planning to undertake graduate study. The courses, MTH 121 Finite Mathematics and MTH 221 Applied Finite Mathematics and Business Calculus, introduce students to mathematical topics used to solve problems in business and economics.
  3. General Education 100-level courses: for liberal arts students in AA or BA degree programs. These introductory courses, MTH 102 Mathematics for Liberal Arts Students, MTH 109 Mathematics and the Environment, and MTH 113 Introduction to Probability and Statistics with Computer Applications, are designed to provide a background in contemporary mathematical thinking.
  4. SLS Mathematics sequence: for students seeking certification in Early Childhood and Childhood Education: The courses MTH/SLS 217 Fundamentals of Mathematics I and MTH/SLS 218 Fundamentals of Mathematics II are designed for students interested in teaching from pre-kindergarten through the sixth grade. Students must take a 100-level general education mathematics course prior to taking this sequence.