Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Department of Biology

Building 6S, Room 143

Chairperson and Professor, Chang-Hui Shen

Professors: Alejandra del Carmen Alonso, Chang-Hui Shen, Leonard Ciaccio, Abdeslem El Idrissi, William L’Amoreaux, Jacqueline LeBlanc, Richard Veit, William Wallace, Andrzej Wieraszko. Associate Professors: Cesar Arenas-Mena, Robert Corin, Margaret Dooley, Jimmie Fata, Lisa Manne, Gregg Phillips. Assistant Professors: Jianying Gu,  Shibal Mitra, Shiryn Sukhram. Lecturers: Rebecca Chamberlain, Carol Hartman, Nancy Liu-Sullivan, Grozdena Yilmaz. Chief College Lab Technician: E. Thomas Brown. Senior College Lab Technicians: Cassandra Camillio, Lisa Ghigliotti, Kinnea Keating. College Lab Technicians: Ezra Aly, Ileana D’Aversa, Natalie Thompson. 

The department offers the Bachelor’s degree in Biology, with concentrations in: Bioinformatics; Ecology, Evolution, and Behavioral Biology; Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology; Neuroscience; and Health Science. The department offers the Bachelor's degree in Biology Adolescence Education (7-12). The department offers a Master of Science degree in Biology. The department participates in the joint program for the Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and a minor in Biochemistry, and in the interdisciplinary program leading to the Bachelor’s degree in Medical Technology. The department is active in the University's Doctoral program in Biology, with many students in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior and Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology; and Neuroscience. The Medical Technology program utilizes hospital affiliations accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS).

The MS program in Biology is coordinated by Professor Jianying Gu. Assistant Professor Jimmie Fata serves as Chair of the advisory committee for pre-medicine students.