Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Italian Studies (BA)

1. Track One: Italian Studies:

Pre-Major Requirements: 16 credits

Four semesters of college-level language study (ITL 112 or 113, ITL 114, ITL 213, ITL 215) or the equivalent (ITL 120, ITL 220, ITL 215). Students who enter the College with ability in Italian take a placement examination to determine the level at which they should begin language study. These courses may also be used to satisfy general education requirements.

Major Requirements: 36 credits

Students majoring in Italian Studies must complete the following requirements:

ITL 313Advanced Communication Skills(RLA)


ITL 320Italian Civilization and Culture(RLA)


ITL 341Literary Survey I: Medieval, Renaissance(RLA)


ITL 342Literary Survey II: Modern Italian Studies(RLA)


An additional 20 credits of Italian courses at the 300- or 400-level


One course may be taken outside of the department with the permission of the Italian Studies advisor. These courses may be offered in fields such as English, History, Art History, or Political Science. When necessary, one course may be completed as an independent study on an approved topic with a CSI faculty member. Certain courses currently offered that are strongly suggested for majors include HST 249 Italian American History, HST 276 History of Italy, ENL 399 Themes in Literature: Italian/American Experience in Literature, ART 300 Medieval and Renaissance Art.

Electives: 2-26 credits

Total Credits Required: 120

Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirement

Most education courses are non-liberal arts and sciences.


To graduate with honors in Italian Studies a student must have a 3.5 grade point average in Italian courses and must complete a special project under the direction of a faculty member. A faculty committee will vote on the recommendation for honors.