Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Building 4S

Ismael Garcia-Colon, Chairperson and Associate Professor

Professors: Roslyn Bologh, Arthur (Leigh) Binford, Jean Halley. Associate Professors: John Arena, Jeffrey Bussolini, Rafael de la Dehesa, Ismael Garcia Colon, Hosu Kim, Grace Mitchell-Cho, Ananya Mukherjea, Phil Sigler, Saadia Toor, Thomas Volscho. Assistant Professors: Jaime Alves, Ozlem Goner, Don Selby.

The department offers a combined Bachelor’s degree in Sociology/Anthropology and a minor is offered in Sociology. The department also participates in interdisciplinary major/minors in Disability Studies; Liberal Studies (MA); Science, Letters, and Society; and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Associate Professor Ismael Garcia Colon coordinates the Master’s degree program in Liberal Studies. Associate Professor Rafael dela Dehesa is a co-director of the minor program in Latin American, Caribbean, and Latina/o Studies.