Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Department of Political Science and Global Affairs

Marchi Hall 2N

Richard Flanagan, Chairperson and Professor

Professors: Richard Flanagan, Ming Xia. Associate Professors: Roshen Hendrickson, Peter Kabachnik, Cary Karacas, Jane Marcus Delgado, Michael Paris, Assistant Professors: Anat Niv-Solomon and H. Ege Ozen. Lecturer: James Falkin.

The department offers a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Geography. A dual major is offered jointly with the Department of Philosophy in Philosophy and Political Science. Minors are offered in Geography, Legal Studies, Political Science, and Public Administration.  Courses meet the needs of students in a variety of programs in the liberal arts and sciences, and the department’s programs provide a solid background for a number of careers as well as for graduate or professional school. Associate Professor Michael Paris is the advisor to students planning to apply to law school, and is the coordinator of the Legal Studies program.