Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

HST 260 U.S.History, First Encounters to the Present(RLA)

4 hours; 4 credits. A one semester survey of the United States History. While designed to contribute to the liberal arts general education of CSI students and to the training of history majors, the course will be especially valuable to students intending careers as elementary and middle school social studies teachers, since it is based on the content and skills required of elementary and middle school social studies teachers in New York City and State. Students will collect primary and secondary materials in each of the time periods covered in the elementary school curriculum, including time-lines and maps, and New York State, City, and Staten Island historical materials, thus assembling a portfolio to be used in their social studies classrooms. Emphasis will be on the skills students will foster in their own work as elementary school teachers: thinking, research and writing, interpersonal and group relations, sequencing and chronology, map and globe, and graph and image analytic skills. For history majors and minors, this is designated as a United States History course. (social science) NOTE: Students majoring in SLS must take this course in order to satisfy the social science 200 level requirement. Prerequisites: ENG 111 and COR 100 or any college-level history course. Please Note: This course satisfies the college option.