Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

EDE 303 Mathematics, Science, and Music in Elementary Education(RNL)

3 lecture hours, 6 field hours; 6 credits. An examination of the structures and concepts of mathematics, science, and music for the elementary school. Appropriate connections among the disciplines are noted, relevant research on child development and learning is incorporated, and strategies to provide for differing student needs are explored. Issues addressed include curriculum development, resources and materials, management, standards, assessment, and the educational application of technology. A fieldwork component of thirty-six (36) hours provides opportunities to plan instruction, enhance communication skills in the disciplines, and connect theory to practice. Cannot be taken with EDE 302. Pre- or corequisites: MTH 217/SLS 217, EDE 200, EDE 260, junior standing, and a GPA of 3.0 or above.




Material Fee: $15