Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

DRA 480 Senior Seminar(RLA)

4 hours; 4 credits. An advanced course for seniors taught by members of the Drama faculty according to faculty specialties in the field of theatre and performance. Course content will therefore be different in each class, but will be expected to introduce students in a rigorous way to contemporary scholarship, research and artistic practice within a particular area of interest. Students will meet in a seminar format, discussing in-depth readings and independent research. The class is a capstone for students, allowing them to accomplish a final level of research skills and critical practice necessary for post-graduation work. Additionally, some class meetings will be devoted to a presentation of post-graduation options for students, with the goal of aiding students in understanding how they can most effectively continue on in pursuit of their interests and capacities. Prerequisite: (Two courses from the DRA 272, DRA 273, DRA 274) and two 300-level DRA courses.