Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

ANT 307 Caribbean Societies(RLA)

(Also INT 307/SOC 307). 4 hours; 4 credits; An introduction to the sociological and anthropological literature on Caribbean societies. The main objective is to acquaint students with the most important economic, political, and social aspects of the region. Using ethnographies, the course will focus on the development of plantation society, nation-state formation, race and ethnicity, gender, political economy, and transnationalism. Class discussions will also address the issues of economic development, human rights, globalization, and U.S. foreign policies on the region. This is a reading and writing intensive course in which students are expected to conduct primary research. Prerequisite: INT 200 or INT 203 or any ANT or SOC 200-level course.



Cross Listed Courses

INT 307/SOC 307