Undergraduate Catalog 2018-2019

Academic Requirements for Admission to Bachelor’s Degree Programs (Four-Year)

Freshman Admission to Bachelor’s Degree Programs

  1. An applicant for admission to a bachelor’s degree program must pass the three CUNY Assessment Tests, unless he/she qualifies for exemption based on a satisfactory performance on the SAT or ACT standardized tests or Regents Examinations.
  2. Admission to a bachelor’s degree program is determined by an applicant’s score on the College’s admissions index. The index is based on the applicant’s high school courses and academic average and the combined verbal and mathematics SAT scores. An applicant whose score reaches or exceeds the College’s minimum index number will be admitted to a bachelor’s degree program. A faculty admissions committee may consider the baccalaureate admission of applicants whose scores approach the College’s minimum index number.

    Applicants who are not admitted to a bachelor's degree program may be eligible for admission to an associate's degree program at the College.

Transfer Students Admission to Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Students are encouraged to continue in bachelor’s degree programs from associate’s degree programs at CSI, and they may also transfer from other colleges and universities into bachelor’s degree programs. Students must have passed the CUNY Assessment Tests in mathematics, writing, and reading prior to enrolling in a bachelor’s degree program. Final degree credit for transfer work depends on grades earned and College and departmental requirements. With some exceptions, a course with a grade of C or higher may be transferred. In the case of transfers from CUNY colleges, D grades are usually acceptable. Transfer credits carry a grade of Pass (P) on the CSI transcript. Transfer students from other CUNY colleges are encouraged to visit CUNY’s online Transfer Information and Program Planning System (CUNY TIPPS) at www.tipps.cuny.edu for information about transfer credits.

Based on University policy, all liberal arts and sciences courses taken in one City University college are considered transferable, with full credit, to each college of The City University, and full credit will be granted for these courses in all departments and programs and recognized for the fulfillment of degree requirements. See section on Pathways General Education Requirements for details on transfer of courses in this category.

Students must earn a minimum of 30 credits at the College and, to qualify for a bachelor’s degree, at least half of the credits required for the major. Students who transfer with 30 or fewer credits must complete 12 College Option credits. Students who transfer with more than 30 credits but without an Associates Degree must complete a maximum of 9 College Option credits. Students who transfer with a completed Associates Degree must complete a maximum of 6 College Option credits.

Work completed at other colleges may be used to fulfill Pathways General Education and other requirements. The Office of the Registrar will evaluate each student’s transcript. Every effort will be made to apply the course work previously completed by transfer students to the general education requirements at CSI.

In many programs, particularly in professional and scientific disciplines, students are required to complete specific courses before being considered for admission to these programs. Generally, these courses are taken during the first two years of study as necessary preparation for the advanced work required. Students seeking admission to these programs may have to spend additional time completing pre-major courses.