Graduate Catalog 2018-2019

PSY 732 Assessment and Counseling Strategies with Couples and Families

3 hours; 3 credits. This skills course surveys current approaches to couples and family counseling with an emphasis on a systematic conceptual model of family functioning, and therapeutic intervention. It is designed to foster the ability of students to implement specific strategies from a variety of family systems theories that will be relevant to the presenting clinical issues. Class lectures, readings and topical presentations are all an integral part of this course. General systems theory will be covered. Major family therapy approaches, family and couple assessment, and some special topics that counselors will be very likely to encounter in their internship settings such as assessment and management of domestic violence, marital/family therapy of alcohol and drug abuse, single parent families, and child and adolescent challenges to families. . Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Master's in Mental Health Counseling Program and PSY 701 and PSY 702 and PSY 710.