Graduate Catalog 2018-2019

Center for Student Accessibility

Office: Center for the Arts (1P), Room 101

The Center for Student Accessibility has responsibility for providing services for students with documented disabilities. All documentation is kept confidential and should be submitted directly to the Center. Services include pre-admissions counseling and accessibility information, advisement, priority registration, and testing accommodations. Software for tutorial programs, personal computers, scientific calculators, tape recorders, and a Braille writer are available. The Resource Center for the Deaf serves the specific needs of deaf and hard of hearing students by providing interpreters, captioning, tutors, and notetakers. Interpreters are available for academic advisement, teacher conferences, or College business. The College’s policy for students with disabilities conforms to federal guidelines and the Center for Student Accessibility offers services mandated by federal and state law. All students with disabilities are encouraged to use the services of the Center. Services are also available to students who are temporarily disabled. For more information please visit